BungeeCord: The complete guide


This article will be the complete guide to understanding how BungeeCord works, and how to set it up. 


So, what is BungeeCord?
Bungeecord is not a plugin, it is a server itself. Bungeecord allows players to switch between multiple connected servers without having to disconnect. Bungeecord acts as a proxy between the player's client and the connected Minecraft servers. Clients connected to a Bungeecord server see no difference between it and a normal Minecraft server. 



Before we get started, there are a few things you will need:


Getting Started

Navigate to the control panel (https://control.novonode.com/). Once you are here, you should have 3 servers. The first server will be our BungeeCord server, the second server will be our Hub server, and our final server will be any server of your choice, for this example, I will be using SkyBlock. Before getting started make sure all servers are setup with Spigot or CraftBukkit


Setting up the proxy

The proxy server is the server that bungeecord will be running on. We recommend at least 2GB RAM.


  1. Stop all servers
  2. Choose which server you want to be your proxy server and delete all the files on this server
  3. Download the Bungeecord.jar from here and upload it to your server. Once uploaded rename it to BungeeCord.jar if it is not already named Bungeecord.jar
  4. Navigate to the startup tab and change the startup script from server.jar to BungeeCord.jar
  5. Go back to the File Manager and Open the Config.yml file
  6. Find host and change it to your BungeeCord ip in this example it is and our port is 25001 so we will enter host:
  7. Find servers, and add your servers like so:
    Bungeecord servers
  8. Find priorities and change lobby to whatever you named your hub server. In this example it is hub. You will also need to add any other servers you added above so in this example we are adding skyblock
  9. Find ip_forward and change it to true
  10. Find tab_list and change this based on your preference. 

GLOBAL_PING - Everyone on every server is shown on tab
SERVER - Everyone on the current server is shown on tab

  1. save this file, and restart your bungeecord


Setting up the fallback servers

Fallback servers are any servers that are connected to your Bungeecord. Make sure each of your servers is setup prior to going any further.

  1. Go to the File Manager section of your Hub server.
  2. Open the server.properties file 
  3. Find online-mode and set it to false
  4. Save the file and return to the File Manager.
  5. Open spigot.yml
  6. Find bungeecord and set it to true
  7. Save the file and return to the File Manager
  8. Open Bukkit.yml
  9. Find connection-throttle and change it from 4000 to -1
  10. Save the file and restart the server

Fallback server steps

Repeat these steps for all of your fallback servers.


If you have any issues feel free to contact support.

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